Hello there!

Welcome to my blog which I have called “adventures by Lillian”. I have named it that because I wanted a place to share experiences of my travels. I have been a few places abroad, but now that I’m 20 I feel like I know a little more about myself and what places I want to visit in the future.

I’m currently studying landscapeplanning in Sogndal, Norway and I really like it. Back in 2013/2014 I was an exchangestudent in Cardiff, Wales which I really enjoyd and I had a blog about what I did there. Now I kind of miss having a place I can write and reach out to others about my travel experiences, so therefore I started this to be my travel blog.

I have no idea how this will go or how often I will post as this will not be an everyday blog. But I hope my blog can inspire you to visit any of the places I have been to or give you some tips. I might blog about other things and tips as well as travelling. Please ask me anything if you are wondering about something or commet what you would like to read!


Lillian x




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