In July I was in Copenhagen with two close friends of mine. The trip was planned a little spotaniously a while ago and it was a lovely long weekend.

I have been here once before before this trip, when I was very young, and really like how the city is for everyone. Everywhere we went it was a mix of locals and tourists. I really felt like I was in Scandinavia, like I hadn’t left my own country, at the same time I felt I was in the middle of Europe.


The Tivoli is just a must when you go here! My friends were definately tougher than me, but it was a great day. I’m glad we paid a little extra to go back inside because it was so stunning with all the lights in the evening. There is also quite a few different restaurants inside so we decided to have dinner there.



On the Saturday we were there Henriette was in a wedding, so Susanne and I went exploring and we ended up in the Botany Garden which we really liked. So many cool plants and alle the bits of the garden was so well made and inspiring to me.

In the evening we had dinner before we went to the Palads cinema (the cool bulding in the photo under). It was an American movie anyway but it was also cool to see the differences in the screening room and the sweet shop too.


Denmark is known to have a pretty flat landscape so it is perfect for biking and we rented bikes for a day and got to see most of Copenhagen. Renting bikes in a new city is slightly scary, but luckily Copenhagen has its own lanes for bikes and lights in the road. So we brought a map from the hotel and followed it to places we thought would be interesting to see.

The Little Mermaid statue must be the most famous thing in Copenhagen, so we had to have a little look at it.


This is me in the Botany Garden, which was so lovely! I study landscapeplanning so I loved walking around here and having a look at the plants.

Have you been to Copenhagen and what did you see there?


Lillian x


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