Saarbrücken & Mainz

I have now been in Germany for 13 days and it still feels quite different from home. The campus and our flats are in a “no man’s land” area but it is quite easy to travel. So I have been a few times to Saarbrücken and Mainz too, which is two of the closest cities and they are both very beautiful!

Mainz is full of beautiful architecture and the Dom was just so incredible on the inside too. It was also a market when we went last Saturday which was nice to see! Spring has already arrived properly here as there is beautiful spring flowers everywhere, which makes me very happy.

Yesterday some people from the group went to Saarbrücken again and I think this a stunning little city. The old town was not that big but it’s still so many lovely streets and buildings and the shopping is great too! We visited a historical museum here and it was a very good museum where we also could walk on the remains of the old Saarbrücken castle.

This orange phonebox seemed to be like a tiny book change place. That you can take one book if you leave one, wish I could do that but I’m not good enough in German to read German books.. Easter seems to be a great holiday here as all the shops either sell Easter decorations or they are proper decorated for easter. I find it very cosy and I’m planning to visit an Easter market next weekend.

I’ll bring my camera for better photos for my next trips!
Lillian x


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