Easter market in St. Wendel & Strasbourg

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, there was going to be a easter market over the weekend. And as we have no lectures on Fridays most of the people in my class went together to St. Wendel to have a look.

This was my fist time to a easter market and there were so many lovely decorations and stands with different products. Everything from jewellery to food. I was amazed by the big flower and egg decoration alongside with different easter bunnies like the one with the sign.

We don’t have easter markets in Norway but I heard it is a big thing here in Germany. And I would highly recomend to visit a easter market if you have the opportunity.

On Saturday I joined three people in my class for a daytrip to Strasbourg in France. It was such a lovely day where we saw a flea market, the cathedral, chilled in a park, drank ice coffee, admired the beautiful architecture and ate local food. This was such a beautiful little city.

Tomorrow I am heading to Paris for a few days which I am so excited about. Hope you all have a lovely week!

Lillian x


2 thoughts on “Easter market in St. Wendel & Strasbourg

  1. Nice pics 👍 I was in Austria last weekend, and Easter markets seem pretty popular there, too.
    Hope you enjoy Paris, Lillian!


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