Heidelberg & Europa Park

The first weekend of June three friends and myself left campus really early to get to Europa Park. I’m not the best when it comes to rollercoasters, but when you paid the ticket you want value of it and just join the queues of your fears. And it turned out to be loads of fun! I passed on the two largest ones, but the rest was just amazing!

It was quite hot this day so ending up being soaked in some of the rollercoasters with water did us nothing but good really. We were quite surprised that the queues for the different attractions were not bigger but this was also just a plus for us.

When the park closed we took the bus to Heidelberg which I will say is a must if you are in the area of Germany. It was really a lovely little city. We came quite late but the next day we took the funicular to the “Königstuhl” and visited the castle. The vire from both the top and from the castle, especially the castle gardensm, were mesmerizing.

Later we also joined a free tour before we left for our journey back. But I could easy spend another day in Heidelberg if it passes my route again and I really enjoyed Europa Park. It was so well made and you kind of felt like travelling trough Europe in a day as the parts of the park that were representing different countires were very good.

Have you visited any of these places?

Lillian x


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