Last weekend I spend in the lovely city of Wien, or Vienna, where I visited a good friend of mine. The Christmas markets starts this weekend, so a little sad I was too early for that, but I will come back for them another year for sure!


I traveled down on the Friday and Elisabeth took me on a quick tour around town to have a look and showed me where she study and some of the main buildings in the city. Above is me outside the Votivkirche, which is a stunning Catholic church with neo-gothic architecure style. In the evening we went for a proper Wienerschnitzel and it was really good!

The main building for The University of Vienna, the parlament and Burgtheater.

On Saturday it was a real touristy day where we went to Naschtmarkt which is a big marked with so much food! It was a little tight and so many people so I didn’t take any good photos there except this with flowers.


Then we had coffee and having delicious sachertorte (chocolate cake with apricot jam) at a café like proper Austrians. The newspaper I’m holding was being fastened at this board so it would be easier to read it and it was!


This is Elisabeth, my Austrian friend, and I outside the Natioanl Library. We became friends when we both were exchangestudents in Cardiff, Wales in 2013/2014.

In the evening we were at the Rollercoaster Restaurant where our food came in pots that were send on rails through the room, it was very cool and worth a visit. After dinner we took a ride with the Wiener Reisengard so we had a look at Vienna by night which was just amazing!


I’m so greatful that we still are friends, that we stay in touch and that I finally took the time to visit Elisabeth! Viele dank für ein schönes Wochenende! ♥


Most shops and things are closed on Sundays in Austria but we went to the Museum of National History before we went by the Stephansdom. I also bought a lot of chocolate that I can’t get in Norway. So note to myself is to bring a large suitcase next time.. Wien is full of breathtaking architecture and I will definitely go back here as the city has more to offter!

Have you been in Wien/Vienna?

Lillian x


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