I have never been to Riga before, but in August I got an excuse to go and I will visit Riga again. One of my best friends started studying there this autumn and ofcourse I had to come and see how her new life is there.

After a 12 hour delay of our flight, Camilla and I arrived in the night to Thursday  17th November so it was a little hard to get up in the morning to explore the city. Inghild had lectures this day so we walked around in the old town, in shops and found a lovely café for some lunch. Everywhere it was little cafés and pastriesshops to our joy!


The blue and white spots turned out to be big air rabbits in the evening


This flowershop with so many beautiful flowers were open 24h, so in case you missed an occasion you could always get some flowers!

On the Friday we headed out to Jurmala Spa Hotel in Majori which is by the coast of Latvia. We had booked stress releaving massages, which was soo good, and I also had my eyebrows done. The town reminded us more of a “summertown” with many cute hotels and right by the seaside, worth going to in the summertime or just for some spa time!

This day it was the independence day of Latvia as well, so we went to see the firework by the river. And the whole weekend it was a light festival going on so in the evenings it would be lightshows on the buoldings which was cool to see.


The view towards the old town of Riga, from the Sky Bar at the SAS Hotel. We went here on the Saturday as it was fully booked the evening with fireworks. But the view in the daytime was probably better so we enjoyed it with some hot chocolate.


We were not too lucky with the weather the days we were here, therefore not that many photos on this post but hopefully it will be better next time.

Thank you so much for having us, Inghild, I’ll be back before you know it! ♥


Lillian x


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